Introducing the Mumbai Mix Team

Hello from the Mumbai Mix team. Welcome to the first of our monthly blogs. For those of you that have not met us, we are Mohini, Deshna and Dimple – a mother and daughters team who are passionate about creating and serving scrumptious contemporary Indian street food. We serve our food at a number of street food stalls at keys locations around London.

As a team (and family), we have spent endless hours deconstructing and constructing recipes to create the Mumbai Mix menu – and continue to do so!

Our menu reflects our rich cultural background (Indian, African and British) where we have given a modern touch to traditional Indian recipes sold on the streets of Mumbai. We pay attention to every aspect of our menu from the choice to the sourcing of our ingredients. Most importantly, we are our own biggest critics and will only serve dishes that meet our very high standards!

Within this monthly blog, we will be sharing lots of innovative recipes giving you ideas on how to make yummy dishes using simple ingredients. Our resident dietitian, Dimple (PhD, RD), will shed some light on the nutritional properties of our dishes as well as offer nuggets of information on some of our ingredients. So don’t forget to check in every month to learn about all things Mumbai Mix 🙂